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How to Order Professional Greetings for Business Phone Systems

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"DIAL IN" service can be provided for phone systems that are unable to accept recordings.

professional voice recordings for telephone systems

Getting started:

- Email your script(s) to us.
- Let us know if you'd like a female or male voice - or both and which narrative style. Listen to demos to decide

Very often, we complete phone recordings in 24-hours, unless we're working on a long or extensive script.

We'll get your approval before we begin to record, then we:

- Narrate the script and edit.
- Master the audio for the best playback quality over a phone line.
- Email the completed files or provide a download link to the finished phone greetings

Scripts - We'll Need Them

Need some ideas for auto-attendants and voicemail recordings scripts? You can check out some phone script examples here
For what to include in a script for a marketing or on-hold messages - try our CHECKLIST . We can provide English to Spanish Translation services and pro Spanish voice overs too.

Music or Messages On-Hold

Custom on-hold recordings are an easy way to let callers know about your company, services, products, updates and anything relevant you care to share with them. Messages can run any length and are quoted by the finished length of the recording in minutes. If you need regular updating to your messages, let us know and we'll provide a quote for revising as you'd like to schedule. No contracts necessary. The turn around time for these types of recordings can be as short as 24-hours - or may take an extra day to complete

Music on-hold is the more affordable option, which is predominantly music with brief thanks for holding messages. Callers have no doubt that they're still connected as there is always music playing.
More info about on-hold messages and music on-hold.

Producing and Delivery of Completed Audio Files

We'll get your script narrated, edited and the audio file optimized for the best phone line quality playback possible. Then the recordings are then delivered by email or download link in the audio file type required for your phone system.

Some systems are not capable of using pre-recorded files. However, most of the time we're able to dial directly into mailboxes or extensions and record a business phone message business phone messagein that way.
business phone messageLet us know if we can assist with dial-in service.
business phone message

Contact us if you have a job that needs to be done quickly, we'll do our best to accommodate you. Most often we have recordings completed in one business day. Longer scripts take more time but we always keep clients posted on the estimated completion time. Be assured we'll maintain quality. We always optimize audio for smooth, good-sounding playback over telephone lines.

Contact us. We'll schedule your scripts to record right away. Or let us know how we can provide more info.

f you're a phone system vendor - check here.

Professional female voice who records greetings for phones. Female Voiceovers for VoIPs and office phones.

Professional voice recordings for business phone systems. Spanish phone prompts and on-hold messages

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