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Worldwide or locally here in the San Diego area, K M Productions helps businesses sound their best when callers are placed on-hold or when navigating through phone menus and directories. Looking for professionally recorded on-hold messages or music on-hold, auto-attendants or voicemail recordings? KM Productions can get your business up to speed quickly with these types of recordings.

Consider marketing your business with friendly, informational on-hold messages. It's an affordable and effective way to advertise and deliver company information that can benefit callers and they keep callers engaged while they're waiting on the line. Promotional messages when transferring a caller to an extension is another quick opportunity to deliver a brief marketing message to a caller. An option that can be offered to San Diego companies is on-site services. Call or EMAIL for more information.

For San Diego customers - we can provide on-site recording of greetings into phone systems - ask for more details.

Here is a quick overview of the process:

Start with a script. Provide your own or have us edit an existing one. Spanish translation and recording services are also available.

Businesses use messages on-hold when they have a number of services, products, specials and other information they'd like to inform callers about when they've been placed on-hold. These customizable recordings are priced by length in terms of minutes.

Music On-Hold recordings provide mostly music to those who are placed on-hold. We produce a few brief "thanks for holding" messages and insert them every 15 seconds. This assures callers that they are still connected and waiting for the next representative.
Once you choose a selection of music (Click Here for Muisic Samples) and have your script ready to go, KMP begins recording.

Recordings will be converted into the audio file format your phone system requires for playback of the messages.

K M Productions will make arrangements to call in and record messages directly over the phone when a phone system does not have the capability to input pre-recorded messages. This 'dial-in" service is also available for cell phones.

Some Things That Are Helpful:

For auto attendants and voicemail greetings - streamline auto-attendants so callers can use a quick keypress to get to the desired extension. Eliminate keypress options that customers don't care about or rarely use.

For On-Hold Phone Messages or Music On-Hold - guesstimate the average wait time callers are on-hold when calling your business. The script and music intervals should be long enough to cover the average wait time, often it's a bit longer. Include all of the business and marketing information you'd like to have callers hear about. The checklist offers ideas and suggestions to consider for inclusion in your script. Company websites and marketing materials often have valuable information that can be used for these messages.

And check to see what type of audio file your phone system rneeds for playback of the recordings. We can dial-in to record greetings remotely if a phone system does not allow for inputting recorded greetings.

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