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Professional On-Hold Messages for
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On-Hold Messages

Every company knows the value in being able to directly communicate with their customers and go into detail about their services or products. When the opportunity to do this one-on-one arises, on-hold recordings surpass many of the traditional advertising methods in several ways. Long after printed materials, online campaigns, radio or TV ads are out of sight and out of mind, on a daily basis a company's phone system can be used to market to existing and potential customers as they call.

Where these types of phone recordings have an edge is in their ability to offer more details than traditional advertising as there is less of a time constraint to do so. Of course, you want to insure that your copy is well-written and not droning on as these additional details are spelled out.

Messages on-hold can do a lot. They can reinforce branding, remind customers of all sorts of things like a facility closure or a new store opening, list off locations, where to park, web addresses and form pages, social media links, specials, close-outs, product upgrades or recalls. The sky's the limit when it comes to the content of these recordings.

On-Hold Messages for Medical, Health Care and Doctors Offices

Along with services and specialties, these recordings tend to provide information such as when to show up for appointments, to bring the current insurance card, extended hours, availability of flu shots, where to download forms, how to access MyChart, for example, or important email addresses.

K M Productions has recorded hundreds of on-hold phone messages for medical offices, hospitals and the health-care industry. We offer one-time recordings or if regular updating is needed, we'll quote for the recurring update costs. We'd be delighted to have the opportunity to record and produce the messages that go to work for your office day in and day out.

Email for more specifics and a quote. If you're ready to get going, let us know and we'll get underway. We also produce auto-attendants, IVR voice prompts and voicemail greetings and discount for multiple orders. Just let us know if your phone system is located on the premises or you're using an online VoIP or virtual PBX.

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Information about professionally recorded and produced on-hold messages for business phone systems.

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