Samples of on-hold message recordings
Examples of auto attendant recordings

Demos of Phone Recordings

Get an idea of what professional phone greetings sound like by listening to the demos below. Then choose a narration style or professional voice for auto-attendants, voicemail greetings and on-hold messages you'd like us to create.

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Audio Samples of Auto-Attendants and Voicemail Greetings:
Voice Style: Business-Professional
Female Demo:
Male Demo:
Voice Style: Sophisticated-Classy
Female Demo:
Male Demo:
Voice Style: Warm-Friendly
Female Demo:
Male Demo:
Voice Style: Metropolitan
Female Demo:
Voice Style: British & Spanish
British # 1 Demo:
British # 2 Demo:
Spanish Demo:
On-Hold Messages Demo
Call Transfer Recordings
Promotional Transfer Message
Information Transfer Message
About 10 seconds long, a quick, low-cost way to provide information or a promotional message is with a Transfer Greeting. The recording plays after a caller has made their keypress selection and before the caller is connected to their desired extension.

Listen to music samples to use with on-hold phone messages or marketing messages - click here.

Checklist - Review our checklist of information you might like to include in hold or advertising messages for callers who are holding.

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