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Below are audio samples of telephone greetings - much like the ones that we create daily. When you're ready to place an order for yours, choose a narration style below for the auto-attendants, voicemail greetings and on-hold messages you'd like us to produce.

Whether your phone system is located at your office or if you're using a online VoIP or virtual PBX - K M Productions can produce phone greetings for any setup. See the list below.

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quick Professional greetings for phone systems

Demos - Phone Recordings
American-Accent Professional Female Voice Recordings:
Voice Style: Business-Professional
Voice Style: Sophisticated-Classy
Voice Style: Warm-Friendly
Business Professional Style #2
On-Hold Messages Samples
Call Transfer Recordings
Promotional Call Transfer Message
Information Call Transfer Message
To provide quick information or promotional messages use a Call Transfer Greeting. About 10 seconds long, this type of recording plays after a caller makes their keypress selection and prior to the call being connected to their desired extension.

Our phone greetings can be input and used with:

Voice Talent who records for Nextiva, 8x8 and Ring Central

For background music - click here.

Checklist - A list of some information and suggestions of what to include in on-hold messages.

Voice overs for greetings

Managing Your Greetings

When using pre-recorded voice prompts with your phone system, design them with the caller in mind. The more quickly you can connect them to their destination - the person or the department they'd like to speak with - the better.

And keep it simple offering the most important keypress options in the main menu and letting sub-directories take care of the other choices.

An occasional review of all the recordings in the system, will let you know if any have become outdated or obsolete or if it's time to update any of them.

What callers really appreciate is brevity and a quick connection and you can easily design the prompts you use to accomplish that.

Audio samples of professionally recorded auto attendants,
voicemail greetings, ivr voice prompts and on-hold messages.

Best American-accent professional female voice over for auto-attendants, IVR and voicemail with website demos

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