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Audio Files for Phone Recordings

Understanding Types of Phone Greetings and How They're Used:


When calling a company, the first type of audio recording generally heard is an auto-attendant. The greeting will typically start with Hello and Thanks for calling our company. From there dial by name directories, different departments or employess can be connected to by using a keypress. An auto-attendant is sort of an umbrella term given to these types of phone recordings. They are called many things from Welcome Greetings to Auto-Receptionists to Main Menu recordings and can also refer to the greetings contained in sub-directories.

Click to listen to demos of the phone greetings we record for offices everyday.

Voicemail Messages:

The perfect catch-all for when you're unable to take an in-coming call, you've stepped out, it's a holiday or the office is closed. These messages can be short and to the point prompting callers for their callback info or more detailed with instructions such as how to reach the company online or by text or email.

Interactive Voice Response - IVR:

Another phone recording type that can go by other names such as voice prompts or phone prompts. These are often times short recordings as they may be numerical and strung together on the playback to give a caller their account balance. Other times they can prompt someone to give their credit card information or street address for a service call. The very nature of these recordings is for an interactive experience where the caller gives information then the phone system moves onto the next prompt after the entry of the info.

Call Transfer:

These recordings play after the caller has made their keypress selection from the main menu and prior to being connected to their destination. There are any number of things that can be mentioned in this type of brief recording which is typically about 10 seconds long. Special promotions, new or updated information, new products, new locations or closures, holiday messages, special hours for Summer or the holidays are among the many things these messages can be used for. The greeting will typically end with something along the lines of - please hold while we connect your call - or - we're connecting your call now.

On-Hold Messages

Music On-Hold

We Produce the Audio Files that can be used with these sytems:

Professional recordings for business phone systems

professional voice talent for VoIP phone greetings

More resources are available to you in the form of sample phone scripts.

The ins and outs of audio file types that can be used for phone systems such as VoIP
services like Nextiva, 8x8,
Ring Central or office systems like Avaya, Cisco or Mitel.

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